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Why Asterix for employment - Opportunities


Whether it is consulting you crave, or permanent employment with our firm, we believe we've got what it takes to challenge, satisfy and excite you: -. Top of the line solutions, top tier clients, top talent, add a little personal freedom and fun in the workplace and one can begin to get the picture.



Without the stifling overhead of a large bench, Asterix offers consultants better compensation which includes full-range of benefits. We also have a number of programs in place that allow consultants to further their career with us. We strive to create a community - inclusive of our contractors - so in addition to our other benefits, consultants  can expect to be fully plugged into one of the nation's largest networks of talent. Plus, you have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects with several of the most respected, sophisticated companies in the nation.

Tired of being under-valued, under-utilized and - dare we say - stifled from the corporate politics and frustrations that abound in the all-too-typical workplace environment? Perhaps a change is in order. At Asterix, you can expect to experience:


·  Growth

·  Opportunity

·  Flexibility

·  Some Enjoyment in Life


Because we understand that it's so much more than just a job...at 8 hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks, it adds up to quality of life....

Asterix continually seeks IT consultants and professionals to meet our growing needs. We currently have consultants at client sites throughout the U.S. as well as an expanding overseas workforce. 

Steer your career - Exceed expectations 

Why consultants must consider Asterix

·  We work on state of the art technology solutions.

·  We offer the opportunity to work with some of the best talent in the industry.

·  We are an Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action employer, proud to have a diverse workforce that represents a wide range of cultural and geographic backgrounds.

·  Our strong focus on Human Resources, excellent benefits package and reputation for employee care have made us a “preferred employer” in the industry.

·  We enjoy a high retention rate and business referrals from present and former employees, both of which have helped us create stability as we grow.

·  Our open, engaging culture emphasizes communication and the “personal touch.”

·  The alignment of company and career growth means new and challenging opportunities for employees.

·  We offer a defined career track program that rewards superior performance.

·  Ongoing training prepares employees for future roles, while enhancing current skills.

If you are a positive, hard-working professional committed to superior client service, Asterix offers the opportunity for an exciting and satisfying career with unlimited potential.

To explore your possibilities, contact our Recruiting Department at career@asterixit.com, or call our Human Resources Manager at 770-270-1758



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