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Corporate culture


We reward performance and talent at all levels of our organization...our people work fast and furiously, and in return we give them avenue to voice opinions, we give them feedback, we give them opportunities for growth, and we give them lucrative rewards for their efforts.


We promote a largely entrepreneurial culture. Our employees are encouraged to pave their own paths, be opportunistic, think creatively and ALWAYS, ALWAYS tell us if we're doing it wrong...we can take it, even if it hurts...


We are an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. We value diversity and seek to build teams that can benefit from diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, background, experience and thought.


We hire the best of the best. Should consultants join our team, they would have the comfort of knowing that they will always be working alongside the most talented individuals in their fields.

We are committed to supporting and contributing to the health of the IT industry at large, thus work to continually foster its constituents.


We are socially responsible. We believe that corporate America can make positive, lasting contributions to society and we work to put thought to action at every opportunity.


Experienced Professionals

  We hire and retain top talent in all of our solutions and vertical practice areas; the domain expertise we bring to the table on every engagement is inherent, unparalleled and never compromised

  We have one of the largest and most loyal consultant networks and employ over several consultants each year


Flexible Business Model

  We are flexible in that we will engage in projects at any stage and at the level of involvement most appropriate for consultants, whether clients seek fully outsourced project teams, individual consultants, or something in between (full risk, shared risk, no risk, onsite, offsite, offshore, hybrid)

  We have our own, proven project methodology, but will work within all client and industry standard methodologies


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