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Enduring Client Relationships

·  We have an 9 year history of client satisfaction and retention; our biggest clients now were our biggest clients then

·  They like us because we never put them in a box, nor do make them pay out the nose for customization


Class of clients

As a total IT solutions provider, Asterix offers end-to-end technology solutions to a wide variety of clients. Our clients range across several industries including:

·  Banking

·  Government

·  Health care

·  Insurance

·  Manufacturing

·  Pharmaceutical

·  Retail

·  Technology

·  Telecommunications

·  Transportation

·  Utilities


Partial list of clients serviced:

·  Geico

·  Liberty mutual


·  Zurich Insurance

·  CSC

·  Bank North

·  Regions Bank

·  United Parcel Service - UPS, KY

·  NCR, OH, SC, CA

·  AT&T, MI, NJ

·  FedEx, TN

·  Reynolds and Reynolds, OH

·  Givaudan Roure, OH

·  Mercedez Credit Corporation, CT, MI

·  Telcordia, NJ

·  BellSouth, GA, AL

·  Delta Airlines, GA

·  Verizon Wireless, FL

·  Mass Mutual, MA

·  Lockheed & Martin, PA

·  Deloitte & Touche, IL

·  IBM, CO, NJ

·  Humana, KY

·  SUN Microsystems, CA

·  Merrill Lynch, NY

·  State of MI, MI

·  KForce

·  Global Technical Talent

·  Catalytic Software


Partner with Asterix Consulting
Access top-quality candidates and take your recruiting strategy to the next level by streamlining your company's staffing and screening processes. Eliminate wasted time looking at resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates.  Significantly reduce the amount of time hiring managers spend with candidates by leveraging Asterix’s industry knowledge, domain experience, and effective pre-screening capabilities.


More and more each day it appears that everything old is new again.  Except at Asterix Consulting.  From the beginning, we've approached each client engagement as a relationship.  Only by knowing, and most importantly understanding, each individual situation, can we properly match consultants' knowledge and experience to the needs of your company, your project, and your existing team. 

It all begins with our initial discussion and continues throughout the assignment.  Request an individual presentation of how Asterix can help you successfully complete your projects today. 

Submit Requirements

Submit your requirements and include the title, role, areas and years of expertise, desired start date, anticipated term of assignment, approximate rate, and any additional applicable information. 

Our customers have access to a large pool of IT resources that can be availed on a contract, contract-to-hire or permanent basis.

Contract: Asterix can provide the services of skilled  IT consultants on a contractual basis, for your temporary staffing needs.

Contract-to-Hire: Companies can utilize services of our IT professionals for a desired period of time, on a contractual basis. Depending on various factors, the IT contractors may be hired on a permanent basis.
Permanent: Asterix can also help other companies identify and recruit the appropriate IT personnel to satisfy their permanent staffing requirements.

Asterix Advantage
  • Getting the candidate with the right expertise.
  • Quick turn-around time.
  • Access to a large talent pool.
  • Cost-effective staffing solutions.


Skills summary of available consultants


Skills Summary


• Client Server Applications, including Visual Basic, Power builder, Developer 2000, Forms & Reports


•  .NET, C#, ASP, Coldfusion, PHP, XML, XSLT, VXML


• Object oriented Technologies including Java,J2EE, C++/VC++


• Distributed Applications COM, DCOM, COM+, CORBA, MQ Series


• E-Commerce


• Web Servers/Web application Servers


• Mainframe and Midrange Applications 


• ERP-BaaN, ERP Applications- Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards


• CRM- Clarify, Siebel, Oracle CRM, Microsoft CRM


• Quality Assurance with manual & automated tools 


• Databases- Teradata, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Informix, FoxPro


• Data warehousing/modeling/mining,  ETL, Business Intelligence- Informatica, Ab Initio


• System (all operating systems) and Database Administration


• Systems Programming – Unix (all flavors), Windows, Linux


• System Integration- Project Managers and Business Systems Analysts


• Wireless and Embedded Applications


• Telecom Applications


• Citrix Metaframe, SMS, Novell


• Networking/VPN/LAN/WAN/ Wireless


• Security, Encryption 


• Storage Area Network


• Messaging- MS Exchange, Domino



Pragmatic IT services and manpower approach


Seam-less extension of client’s technology service arm
By growing successful staffing and project engagements into long-term relationships, Asterix becomes a seam-less extended technology service arm of our customers’ organizations. Our clients repeatedly turn to us to resolve technology-related issues and meet their changing IT objectives; this frees up valuable time for them to focus on core business responsibilities.

Quality personnel
Besides solid technical and business expertise, Asterix consultants are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Plethora of our professionals possess tough skills combination which increases their propensity to solve unusual problems. Consultants undergo rigorous pre-screening and interviewing before meeting clients—our way of delivering quality resources that are an ideal match for each customer’s unique requirements and standards. We are able to retain experienced consultants at a significantly higher rate than many of our competitors due to our caring attitude and people management ethos.  

Ready reserves
Asterix’s 24/7 non-stop recruiting mechanism in the U.S. and South Asia ensures ready availability of top notch consultants anywhere, anytime. We have the capacity to fill immediate needs for skilled project managers, business analysts, architects, designers and developers on long term, short term, contract, right-to-hire or permanent basis.

The value of dual-shore delivery 
Asterix’s off-shore and on-site IT service models efficiently serve client’s needs by virtue of being competitive in terms of convenience, affordability and speed. It gives us the flexibility to provide services—onsite, offshore or a combination of the two—that gives best value for client’s money maximizing their profit while minimizing costs and thereby enhancing yield. As a U.S.-based company, with offshore time advantage capabilities in India, we provide the value of systems integrator coalescing quality with the economies of outsourcing. Our flexible, at liberty round the clock global strategy is not limited by time zones and geographic boundaries.


Total Supply chain- SDLC

We undertake the full life cycle projects encompassing Business Analysis, System analysis, gap analysis, requirement gathering, project specifications, architecture, design, development, quality assurance and maintenance 

A commitment  to share the risk
Our objective is consistent with each assignment: ensuring that the deliverables not only meet but exceed end-user expectations and system requirements. Following best practices enables us to achieve high degree of customer satisfaction on many projects and therefore repeat business. For every engagement, large or small, the Asterix team involves the client’s management, user group and IT team in up-front planning to define the best approach and arrive at mutually agreed upon acceptance criteria. We also work with organizations on a case-by-case basis to adjust revenue generation models so that we have a stake in a customer’s business performance. It is a risk and rewards sharing strategy that has paid us rich dividends besides earning us client’s respect because we put our money where our mouth is as well as our reputation on the line.     

An eye for excellence
We profoundly believe that our clients deserve only the best when it comes to the quality of our IT solutions. Rather than trying to be all things to all customers, we choose to provide top of the line customized solutions for areas of client’s interest. We furnish what the client needs to buy rather than what we want to sell. That’s why we have cultivated our best practice centers which lead to profit centers becoming epicenters of excellence.

Basic tenets of profit centers that create pocket of excellence:

bulletAn experienced team dedicated to leadership and delivery in its area of expertise
bulletThe necessary software and hardware for building and
delivering solutions
bulletA knowledge base that brings together Asterix’s technology, domain, industry and business expertise
bulletProcesses and methodologies that promote consistency, implementation of best practices and knowledge sharing
bulletOffshore and onsite capabilities for cost-effective and timely delivery
bulletAsterixs with advisors, academia and best-of-breed companies

Higher value for our customers
Due to Asterix's significant investment in resources and time, such excellence oriented centers facilitate us to provide customers with:

· Superior competency in specific areas of business and technology

· Gains in efficiencies through collaboration and shared tools and technology

· A reduction in overall operating costs

· Intense management attention and access to Asterix’s best talent

· Solutions that are continually improving in content, value and innovation

· An improved ability to align customers' IT organizations with strategic business goals

· A head-start in determining future technology needs

· Access to emerging IT developments


Comprehensive staffing capabilities
We help our clients quickly and efficiently supplement their IT workforce with knowledgeable, highly trained Asterix consultants and specialists. Our capabilities are designed to meet key requirements:


· We staff by skill, individual, project team, project manager or whatever it takes to fill customer requests.

· We provide developers, business analysts, project managers, management and functional specialists—all experienced and with a proven track record.

· We fill positions on an immediate, long range, contractual, contract-to-hire or permanent basis.

· Offshore dedicated employee model

Fast, flexible delivery 
With a global resource pool and 24/7 delivery, Asterix can fill staffing requests almost immediately. Our consultants are prepared to serve when and where clients need them. From entire teams for long-term IT projects to just-in-time specialized individual contributors, Asterix helps you meet your critical IT challenges.

The right expertise for the job
Because of the skills and experience of our IT professionals, Asterix is prepared to meet almost any staffing requirement. We offer expertise in the full technology spectrum, including legacy and client/server systems, web-based and emerging technologies. Our resources also cover a variety of business domains and industries. We can even provide professionals with hard-to-find skills, such as security experts.

To ensure that we always deliver the right expertise for the task at hand, we have developed a world-class recruiting engine that combines technology savvy resource specialists with a well-defined recruiting process.







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